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What They Do

Stewards provide hospitality services within the Navy. However, stewards may also become a Flight Steward in the Air Force. Duties are varied and range from food and beverage services, to financial management and administration.

They may work alongside Cooks and some food preparation will comprise part of their duties. The primary responsibilities of the position are to:

  • Serve food and beverages on formal and informal occasions at sea and ashore as well as on board military aircraft, including VIP flights
  • Prepare light meals, snacks and hors-d’oeuvres on ships and aircraft
  • Operate military warehouses at sea and in deployed operations
  • Operate ship borne convenience stores
  • Maintain records, financial accounts and filing systems for activities relating to the use of public and non-public funds
  • Operate military clubs, including allocation and control of facilities, mess fund accounting, bar management and staff supervision
  • Manage military accommodations, including room allocation, reception, furnishings, key control, cleaning and maintenance
  • Provide non-public funds management on all ships
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Working Environment

Stewards must be prepared to work in very diverse settings from offices to a mess environment, on ships and aircraft. The Steward trade in the Navy is a sea-going trade were members spend most of their time at sea. In addition, Stewards may serve with Canadian troops supporting International commitments.

Stewards may also volunteer to fill Flight Attendant positions on board Forces aircraft. There are specific medical criteria for aircrew members. Flight Attendants have additional responsibilities including:

  • Passenger comfort and safety
  • Onboard emergency response
  • Aircraft ancillary, emergency and survival equipment operation
  • In-flight duties as assigned by the Captain or Loadmaster of the aircraft
  • In-flight food service
  • Pre-flight duties, such as assisting passengers
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Career Development

The starting salary for fully-trained Stewards is $49,400 per year; however, depending on previous experience and training the starting salary may be higher. Stewards who demonstrate the required ability, dedication and potential are selected for opportunities for career progression and advancement.

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Related Civilian Occupations

  • Flight Attendant
  • Hotel Front Desk Clerk
  • Head Bartender and Barkeeper
  • Accommodation Services Manager
  • Restaurant and Food Services Manager
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Basic Military Qualification

The first stage of training is the Basic Military Qualification course, or Basic Training, held at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. This training provides the basic core skills and knowledge common to all trades. A goal of this course is to ensure that all recruits maintain the Forces physical fitness standard; as a result, the training is physically demanding.

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Naval Environmental Training

Naval recruits attend the Canadian Forces Fleet School either in Esquimalt, British Columbia or Halifax, Nova Scotia for approximately five weeks. Training includes the following topics:

  • Naval history and organization
  • Shipboard firefighting and damage control
  • Shipboard Safety
  • Watchkeeping duties
  • Seamanship
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Basic Occupational Qualification Training

Stewards attend the Canadian Forces Naval Operations School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Training takes approximately 59 days and includes:
  • Food handling hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Dining room services (formal and informal)
  • Beverage services
  • Basic monetary operations and accounting
  • Short-order cooking
  • Etiquette and protocol
  • Maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Basic office computer skills
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Specialty Training

Stewards may be offered the opportunity to develop specialized skills through formal courses and on-the-job training, including:

  • Instructional Techniques
  • Flight Steward
  • Submarine Duties
  • First Aid Instructor
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Advanced Training

As they progress in their career, Stewards who demonstrate the required ability and potential will be offered advanced training. Available courses include:

  • Administrative Support and Financial Management
  • Warehouse Administration and Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Accommodation
  • VIP Food and Beverage Services

Now Hiring: We are now accepting applications for this job through Direct Entry.

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Required Education

The minimum required education for this position is the completion of the provincial requirements for Grade 10 or Secondaire IV in Quebec. Foreign education may be accepted.